About me

Mateus Paião da Silva

UI/UX Designer
Computer Engineer via Inatel


Before anything, I would like to thank you for your visit, I’m humbled by your interest in knowing a bit about my work.

I’m a person in love with Japanese animation, electronic games, technology and foxes. Ever since a small kid, I was already interested by the inner workings of things, always disassembling electronics and toys to try and figure out how they worked. One day, I got to know about the computer engineering course and, right then, gave in to its charm, and little by little discovered what many already knew: my talents were in drawing. Consequently, I became interested in the field of design, which resulted in a self-taught learning. Currently, I’m able to cover any extension of graphics design or illustration, UI design, UX, web design, visual identity, etc.

I take this opportunity to invite you to check out the rest of this website. In case you’re interested, in the button bellow, I reserved a .pdf version of my resume for download.

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   My Skills

                 Here is a brief representation of my main skills and knowledge.


UI Design

UX Design

Web Design



Advanced reading, advanced writing, advanced conversation.


Basic reading, basic writing, intermediate conversation.


Native, first language.


Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Illustrator

Axure RP




Adobe XD


Balsamiq Mockups

Operational Systems

Microsoft Windows



   Professional Experience

Apr, 2018

Thomson Reuters

(Juiz de Fora - MG)

UX Designer

Responsible to deliver a great user experience for Legal Ecossystem's products, creating wireframes, navigational prototypes, user research, etc.

Jun, 2017
Mar, 2018

Fox Design


UI/UX Designer

Looking to focus my career I've been decided to open my own agency to develop UI and UX products.

Dec, 2015
May, 2017


(São Lourenço - MG, Brazil)

UI/UX/Game/Web/Graphic Designer e Illustrator

Responsible for all the visual information of the company, marketing material, UI design, UX design, Web design, game design and illustrator.

Being the sole designer of the company, all projects go through me to improve the user experience and make the UI design.

Aug, 2016



UI/UX/Game/Web/Graphic Designer

I started to work as a freelancer in my free time, which has contributed a lot to my professional growth.

To this day, all of my customers gave me 5 stars and were satisfied with the final result of my work. Click here and check my Workana profile.

Oct, 2014
Nov, 2014


(Santa Rita do Sapucaí - MG, Brazil)


Responsible for this Startup's website developmentand creation of marketing material.

   Bachelor Degree

Feb, 2010
Dec, 2014

Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Inatel - National Institute of Telecommunications

The course lasts five years and prepares its students to work in areas like IT, software development, hardware, systems, project managment, software engineering, etc. For more information check the institution's website.